When I was born in a house around Ginkaku-ji, there were only a few tea houses, and there were no souvenir shops for sightseers to casually stop by. Many people had the 2nd floors of their houses rented by students of Kyoto university.

At that time, my mother opened a little souvenir shop where some picture post cards, and towels were displayed for sale. In those days, people found the shop interesting, and the goods at the shop were considered a memory of trips and sold well.More and more sightseers were starting to come around here, and more shops opened up.Then I realized that there were more brand-new tasteful shops.

A weekly rent house "your Ginkaku-an" was opened by me in spring 2007, when I retired from a company I had worked for a long time.The start was that, on one day when I was walking around "the Path of Philosophy" with my loving dogs (miniature ducks hound, male), I overheard a sightseer saying to himself,
"I envy those living around here".
Then I refurbished an empty house to open "Ginkaku-an".

Fumiko Asada photo
Fumiko Asada

I would be more than happy if you customers can stay comfortably as if you are "living" here as you home of Kyoto. I would be more than happy if you can find this. Everything needed for staying is readily available.I very much look forward to welcoming you.

In May 2010, we opened your "Higashiyama-an" in the Higashiyama-Okazaki area where many cultural faculties can be found. I very much welcome you to here at Higashiyama-an as well as at Ginkaku-an.